Birria Tacos Recipe

Easy Birria Tacos Recipe

Easy Birria Tacos Recipe

Simple Birria Tacos Recipe is the ideal solace food to serve your loved ones on your next film night or supper! It's basic yet so delectable and heavenly that they will unquestionably be back for additional.
Birria is a conventional sluggish cooked Mexican dish generally made with goat meat. These days, this dish is generally made with hamburger, veal, sheep, or pork meat. This flavorful, sweet and fiery dish is typically eaten as a stew or as a taco filling like our formula today.
Prep Time 25 mins
Cook Time 1 hr 50 mins
Course Main Course
Cuisine Mexican
Servings 5
Calories 620 kcal


  • instant pot
  • Knife
  • Stainless Steel Bowl
  • Blender


Main Ingredients

  • 1.88 lb beef shank
  • 1.25 lb cab sirloin or other roast/steak

Marinade Ingredients

  • 3.75 dried guajillo peppers see notes
  • 1.25 can chipotle peppers in adobo
  • 0.31 cup vinegar
  • 0.63 cup crushed tomatoes
  • 6.25 cloves garlic
  • 1.25 tsp dried oregano
  • 0.63 tsp smoked paprika
  • 1.25 tsp cumin

Stew Ingredients

  • 1.25 Chopped medium onion
  • 1.25 cinnamon stick
  • 2.5 bay leaves
  • 7.5 whole cloves
  • 1 quart chicken stock

Tacos Ingredients

  • 14 4" corn or flour tortillas
  • 1.25 medium onion
  • 1.25 bunch cilantro
  • 1.25 cup mexican cheese blend


  • Heat a huge pot of water to the point of boiling and afterward eliminate from heat. Splash your dried guajillo peppers for 15 minutes. In the interim, 3D square your taxi sirloin, then, at that point, season both the steak and the knife with salt and pepper. Put away.
  • Add marinade fixings to the blender. At the point when the peppers are finished dousing, hold them by the tip over the sink and use scissors to cut the stem off and permit the seeds to drop out, then, at that point, add to blender. Mix the marinade into a smooth glue. Marinate the meats for at least two hours or up to expedite.
  • Set your Instant Pot on saute high or utilize a skillet over medium warmth. Add 1-2 tbsp oil, then, at that point, saute the onions until brilliant and clear (6-8 minutes).
  • Add the meats, marinade, straight leaves, cinnamon stick, and cloves to the pot. Cover with chicken stock, then, at that point, set to high tension for 45 minutes. In the event that utilizing a sluggish cooker or burner, set to low warmth for 4-6 hours.
  • At the point when the moment pot is done, permit a characteristic delivery, then, at that point, eliminate the meat. Shred, put away, and dispose of the bones.
  • Warm up certain tortillas, then, at that point, plunge the tortillas in the stew. Assemble your tacos, top with any discretionary garnishes, then, at that point, fry over medium warmth on a nonstick skillet. Appreciate promptly, ideally with a margarita or cold Mexican lager.


*On the off chance that you can’t discover dried guajillo peppers, sub any dried mexican/southwestern peppers you can discover, for example, ancho, new mexico, california, or pasilla.
The tone, the freshness, the meat and the wreck — there’s such a huge amount to cherish about birria tacos recipe, the Mexican dish that is currently omnipresent on TikTok and Instagram.
Which began moving with Los Angeles’ Latinx people group presently has individuals across the nation, from varying backgrounds, clamoring for a nibble of birria. Birria tacos has gathered lines around the square, countless perspectives via web-based media, and has been added to numerous better quality Mexican café menus.
Taco stands that were formerly serving barbacoa added birria to the menu and saw benefits rise. A food truck in LA’s Westside that served cemitas, a kind of Mexican sandwich, turned to birria last year because of interest and saw a half expansion in deals.
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